Come to Riga Secondary School No. 93 and be one of us!

Come to Riga Secondary School No. 93 and be one of us!

At the secondary school stage, we offer two licensed secondary education programs – general education and mathematics, natural sciences and engineering programs.

This year, a new optional subject – National Defense Teaching, which the student has the advantage of choosing further studies at the Latvian National Defense Academy, State Border Guard College, State Police College, Fire Safety and Civil Defense College.

We provide support for Latvian language learning and individual consultations in other subjects.

Already this year, sports classes will take place in the renovated gym!

We offer 22 interest education programs.

A wide range of sports – soccer, basketball, volleyball, florball, athletics.

Dance groups and the choir are preparing for the 12th Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Celebration, which will take place in the summer of 2020.

We offer hobby groups where students can discover and develop their abilities and talents – theater of improvisation, first aid training, programming, robotics, natural laboratory, stage speech, sports dances, choirs, checkers, ceramics, non-traditional handicrafts, visual arts.

Just because there is a team made up of administration, teachers, parents and the municipality, big things can happen – individual growth of each pupil, success in the Olympiads, competitions, place in the ranking of Latvian schools, realized projects, arrangement of infrastructure, supportive school for children coming to Latvia from other countries.

Admission to Riga Secondary School No. 93, Sesku Street 72, every working day from. 9:00 – 15:00 Phone for reference 67575557.